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I am Sorry

First the act of scolding went viral and then the apology. Lisa Alexander, the CEO of San Francisco-based skincare company LAFACE apologized after a viral video caught her scolding a man for stenciling “Black Lives Matter” on his own property. In a statement earlier this

Joking on Self

Remember the Trivago ad. Well anyone watching TV in 2018 or going online could not miss the super bombarded- Trivago ad, which as per the BARC data was one of the top 10 most advertised brands on television. The ad not only made Trivago one of the highest recall brand, but

Bans & Protests

As the world unitedly fight the Covid-19 pandemic, there are other “fights” going on across the world. The India and China political relationship are at a high with clashes at the LAC in Ladakh region. Amid the deepening tensions, the Indian Government announced a ban on 106

Going Viral

The role of communications becomes very critical during crisis.  With the world facing the unprecedent pandemic – Corona Virus (Covid 19), brands and corporates are scrambling to craft messages reacting to the changed reality while being senistive to the situation. Mexican