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Vergine Gulbenkian’s journey with storytelling began 28 years ago. Participating in the “Share your stories” workshop by Vergine Gulbenkian, the UK-based storyteller, at The British Council, I was exposed to traditional stories and how to explore different styles of

ThumbStoppers : The age of Snackable Content

मेरे पास आओ मेरे दोस्तो एक किस्सा सुनो । When was the last time you checked your mobile screen? How much time did you spend on what you read uninterrupted before “bouncing off” to next? There is 67% chance that you will not read about the Coca-Colainsights or why Gen Z like

Advertising in the Digital Age

Advertising (ads) is one of the most powerful and persuasive form of communication to create awareness, interest, desire and take action. Whether it be for a product or a service or a personality, advertisements have the power to create a behaviour change or a habit leading